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EasyPro Expandable Spillways

EasyPro Waterfall Spillways are much easier to install than a BioFalls and since it's expandable you can build as wide of a waterfall as desired! The 16" center module is available in straight sections or inward and outward curved sections allowing you to create curved waterfalls. You can install as many of the 16" extensions as desired before attaching the ends. A bulkhead fitting is included for each end so water can enter from left of right side.

A plug is included to plug whichever end is not used. Use inward curving pieces to create a concave waterfall, use outward curving sections to create a peninsula with water falling off three sides or use the inward and outward combined together to create an "S" shaped waterfall. The straight, inward and outward pieces are interchangeable and can be used in any combination. Waterfall spillways are designed to sit inside the liner eliminating any concerns of leaking. The liner sim;ly goes under the spillway an up the back side. The bulkhead fitting secures the liner to the tub where the hose enters the spillway.

EasyPro Waterfall Spillway Brochure