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EnhanceAir Aeration System

Good aeration is vital in having a healthy, properly functioning water garden no matter the time of year. In warm months, an Aeration System will improve the effectiveness of the bio-system increasing the water quality and clarity while promoting happier, healthier fish. Using the an Aeration System during the winter months will not only breathe life into the pond but more importantly the rising bubbles from the diffuser will create tremendous surface turbulence keeping an area from freezing over and evacuating the naturally-forming toxic gasses.

System features:

  • Ideal all-seasons aeration for decorative water features and koi ponds up to 16,000 gallons.
  • Greatly increases dissolved oxygen levels.
  • Promotes better fish health and growth.
  • Enhances bio-filtration and water clarity.
  • Aids in the bio-digestion of organic solids.
  • Long-life, no-clog EPDM synthetic rubber diffuser.
  • Simple to install in any new or existing feature.