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Air Pumps and Accessories

Pond Aeration systems offers a simple and inexpensive way to dramatically improve water quality in larger ponds. A compressor outside the pond pumps air through small diameter hoses to a weighted diffuser located at the bottom of the pond.

The air diffuser generates air bubbles. As these bubbles float to surface, they carry water with them. When this water reaches the surface it spreads outward, allowing dissolved gases in the water to escape into the atmosphere and oxygen in the atmosphere to diffuse into the water. Since the aerated water came from the bottom of the pond, it is colder than the surface water and gradually descends to the bottom of the pond where it drifts towards the diffuser and completes the circulation loop. Larger ponds may require multiple or large air compressors and diffusers depending on depth and shape.

  • Amount: 1 cubic foot per minute (cu ft/min) of flow rate
  • Equals: 28.32 Liters per minute (L/min) in flow rate