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Air Diffusers

What is an Air Diffuser?

Air Diffuser is an ideal addition to oxygenate and circulate the water in your pond or water garden. An air stone in the bottom of a pond will not add any oxygen into the pond until the bubbles reach the surface and break. As the bubbles float to the surface of the pond they bring along the water from the bottom of the pond which is usually low in oxygen. This creates a constant current of water moving from the bottom of the pond, where the oxygen level is low, to the surface where it can pick up oxygen.

The increase in oxygen improves the water's clarity and quality, and the circulation makes the water temperatures more uniform. Both improvements help koi fish and other aquatic life.

Underater Warehouse stocks Air Diffusers with Rubber or Alumina material. WE have have diffusers in a tublar shape of round disc diffuser.