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Blue Diamond Air Pumps

The Blue Diamond ET series is an excellent choice for an Aeration and Winter Deicer Linear Air Pump. Each model helps improve pond water during hot, warm, cool and cold weather. By adding supplemental oxygen to the pond, the pump makes the water clearer and raises its quality. In freezing weather, it helps to prevent ice on the water. This pump also can add oxygen to septic system wastewater to encourage aerobic bacteria to decompose. It has a 2 year warranty.

Koi, other fish, plants and good bacteria are among the pond inhabitants that thrive with the oxygen this pump adds to their ecosystem. The pump's action also circulates the water, which helps fish waste break down. The result is a cleaner pond, which promotes healthier pond life.

Operating at a sound level as low as 35 decibels, and operates at as low as 25 watts of electricity. Easy to set up, each pump provides fittings.

This weatherproof pump has specially formulated material for its linear diaphragm. The pump's construction helps to give it a long life.

We recommend that all envir-o pumps are serviced every 12 months. Service kits for each pump can be purchased from us. Sign up to our service reminder and we’ll remind you when it is due!


  • Robust and compact construction - weatherproof.
  • Green drive technology - energy efficient motors low power consumption.
  • Ideal for large grow systems and koi ponds.
  • Supplied with a brass fitting
ModelPerformance Flow (l/min)Performance CFMNoise Level (db)WattsDimensions (Dia. x Hght.)
ET30 30 l/min @ 0.15 bar 1.06 @ 0.15 bar 35.0 25 Watt 8.2x5.9x7.0
ET40 30 l/min @ 0.15 bar 1.41 @ 0.15 bar35 35.0 30 Watt 8.6x6.1x7.2
ET60 60.0 l/min @ 0.17 bar 2.12 @ 0.15 bar 40.0 55 Watt 7.9x6.5x6.0
ET80 80.0 l/min @ 0.10 bar 2.83 @ 0.15 bar 40.0 85 Watt 8.3x7.3x6.7
ET100 100.0 l/min @ 0.10 bar 3.53 @ 0.10 bar 45.0 105 Watt 9.4x7.7x6.9
ET120 120.0 l/min @ 0.10 bar 4.24 @ 0.10 bar 45.0 125 Watt 10.4x8.5x7.8
ET150 150.0 l/min @ 0.15 bar 5.30 @ 0.20 bar 45.0 130 Watt 10.1x7.9x8.7
ET200 200.0 l/min @ 0.15 bar 7.06 @ 0.20 bar 46.0 195 Watt 13.7x9.1x8.6
ET250       220 Watt 13.7x7.9x8.6
ET300       275 Watt 13.7x9.1x8.6
ET400       220 Watt 13.7x9.1x8.6
ET500       275 Watt 13.7x9.1x8.6