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Pumps - Submersible

Selecting the proper submersible water pump is extremely important in order to achieve optimum performance of your pond or water feature. There are three basic types of water pumps available in the ornamental pond industry: direct-drive, asynchronous, and magnetically-driven pumps (also known as mag-drive). The following section will help you make the right selection. 

Direct-Drive - Direct-drive water pumps provide consumers with a high torque, high head height pump option. Direct-drive pumps are generally easier to maintain because of their ability to handle larger solids. It is important to note that these pumps have to be operated within a specific performance curve to optimize lifespan.

Mag-Drive - Mag-drive water pumps are a simple and easy-to-use solution for small water features including decorative fountains and spitters. These pumps are easy to retrofit into existing water features. Mag-drive pumps have only one moving part, making them inexpensive and easy to maintain. Mag-drive pumps are also extremely quiet and energy-efficient.

Asynchronous - Asynchronous water pumps are a hybrid between a direct-drive and mag-drive pump. They have only one moving part, making them less expensive and easy to maintain. This type of pump is extremely energy-efficient, and choosing one over a traditional direct-driven pump often pays for itself quickly in power consumption savings.