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Skimmers for Ponds

Pond skimmers are designed to work with other types of filters, as a sort of pre-filter that removes the larger elements such as floating leaves and other debris, which would clog other types of biological or chemical filters. The same deris would also clog the pump.

Pond skimmers are an important part of ponds, since they help keep them clean, and works hand-in-hand with filtration and pumping systems. Pond skimmers are easy to install, and can easily be hidden from view.

Many Pond skimmers are designed to blend in with your pond’s design. Some may have an artificial rock or natural-looking cover over the top. Some pond skimmers sit outside of the pond, and can even be covered up by garden plants or bushes.

Pond skimmers should be positioned at the opposite end of a waterfall, if you have one; this will help provide for proper circulation throughout your pond.

Another great reason to use a pond skimmer is that it is a great place to install and house the pond pump and plumbing. The filters filter out the large debris and the pump and keep going where if it was installed inside the pond without a skimmer you would not have anything to filter the debris and it could get clogged constantly and possibly burn up your expensive pond pump.