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Returns - Eductors

Water circulators are ideal for creating directional water flow in your pond or lake. Stagnant water promotes the growth of unwanted surface and bottom vegetation such as algae and contributes to rapid mosquito reproduction.

Oxygen is needed to keep the fish healthy, but another benefit to adding oxygen to your pond is the whole biological process depends on it. If you want a clear, clean and healthy pond then add dissolved oxygen, it is that simple.

It is a misconception to compare the gallons per hour of the main pump to the gallons contained in the pond to get a turn over rate. There is no way for a pump to completely turn over all the water in the pond every hour or even every day as there are dead spots.

The further you get away from the main current the water gets less and less circulation, in fact very often the water is just stagnating. These dead spots are breeding grounds for algae and places where ammonia and other toxic gases will accumulate and mosquitos. A waterfall or a fountain will only add some surface oxygen and does little to help the depths of the pond.

These jets provides circulation to eliminate the dead spots. Mixing eductors are designed to easily multiply the mixing force of pumped water. The eductor requires as few as 450 GPH to draw in five times more for circulation.