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Fish Nets

Of course one essential piece of equipment has to be a Net to enable you to catch your Koi, quickly and safely without causing too much stress and damage to the Koi itself.

Deluxe Koi Net - This is a dark net that decreases visibility and is specially treated to resist barb penetration and scaling. Edging covers aluminum frame and net protecting both it and Koi.

Koi Sock Net - This incredible net is designed especially for handling large Koi without injury. Just clasp the open bottom end of the sock net, scoop the Koi into the net, move the Koi to the new location, lower the net into the water, release the bottom of the net, and lift it free.

By Selecting the proper Pond Net you can:

  • Safely remove fish for medicating or when cleaning pond.
  • Skim leaves, debris, and uneaten fish food before they sink and start fouling the pond.
  • Strain silt and algae from the sides and top of the pond.
  • Retrieve floating plants for maintenance.
  • Transfer animals (such as frogs, tadpoles, snails, and more) to the desired location.