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Pond Liner and Sealants

Pond Liner and underlayment are the pond's foundation. Choosing an inferior low grade liner can lead to a leaky pond. Educate yourself on the selection of liners that are available. It is important to also determine whether the liner you choose is safe for any fish that may inhabit the pond.

Pond Underlayment is installed before the liner in order to prevent punctures that may occur from rough or rocky ground.

The underlayment actually serves a couple of purposes. It not only provides protection for the liner against rocky soils and roots, but it allows the ground to breathe from underneath. The earth releases gases and the fabric allows the gases to escape from underneath the liner rather than becoming trapped, causing gas bubbles to push the liner up into the pond.

Firestone 45 MIL fish-safe EPDM pond liner leads the industry in quality and reliability. Backed by an industry leading 20 year guarantee,

  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics
  • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone and oxidation
  • Ease of installation with no special tools required
  • Perfect for creating an add-on Stream and Waterfall.(Note: When adding a stream to a water feature design, additional pipe lengths and coupling fittings may be required)