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Atlantic Waterfalls

Atlantic’s FilterFalls are not only the perfect complement to our Skimmers, they offer performance and upgradeable filtration options that every pondbuilder will appreciate. Massively strong, with capacious interiors that accept up to six Matala mats and a variety of available biomedia, these solid workhorses provide the ultimate filter solution from newly installed to even the most heavily stocked ponds!

ModelSpillwayPump FlowBulkheadPond SizeSkimmer MatchDimensions
BF1000 14" 1500-2500 gph 1-1/2" 1000 gal PS4000 16W x 20D x 14H
BF1250 17" 2000-3000 gph 1-1/2" 1250 gal PS4000 19W x 22.5D x 14H
BF1500 20.5" 2500-4000 gph 1-1/2" 1500 gal PS4500 24W x 30D x 20H
BF1900 19" 2500-4000 gph 2" 2000 gal PS4600 28W x 25D x 21.5H
BF2600 26" 4000-6000 gph 2" 4000 gal PS4900/7000 34.5W x 25D x 23H
BF3800 38" 6000-8000 gph 3" 8000 gal PS9500 46.5W x 30D x 23H
BF4800 48" 8000-12000 gph 3" 8000 gal PS14000 55W x 37D x 18H