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Air Pump Cabinets and Covers

Economy Rock Lid Covers is an economical cover to protect small air pumps. The economy rock lid covers have a rock texture and have and optional air vent.

Airmax TrueRock Boulder Rock Covers are realistic faux rocks that make a great addition to any pond landscape. With its weather-proof textured finish and rock-hard construction the TrueRock is not only a viable décor item, but a protective cover as well. The TrueRock™ is great for covering aeration pumps, skimmers, waterfall boxes, tree stumps or anything else you want to hide from view.

Airmax SilentAir Composite Cabinet is an attractive composite cabinet houses and protects the Airmax Air Compressor from outdoor elements. An integrated cooling system utilizes a high-flow cooling fan and high-density air intake pre-filter to distribute air evenly throughout the cabinet keeping the interior components clean, cool and dry. An elevated base protects the aeration hardware and electrical components from flooding and rainwater accumulation while the removable top ensures quick and easy access for inspection and maintenance.

RealRock Landscape Boulders are ideal for concealing air pumps, water pumps, pond filters, UVs, lighting transformers and other equipment. RealRock boulders are commercial grade construction that stands up to the elements and will not fade or crack. All rocks come standard with one vent, additional vents can be ordered if needed.

Weatherproof Pond Aerator Cabinets are designed to hold all sizes of linear compressors as well as rocking piston compressor up to 1/2 HP & rotary vane up to 1/4 HP. This roto-molded polyethylene cabinet is an ideal alternative to the steel cabinet. Built in louver allows fresh air into cabinet, an optional cooling fan is recommended for large compressors or in hot locations. This cabinet comes in a tan color which blends into existing landscape well.

Lockable steel Compressor Cabinet is a lockable steel compressor cabinets were designed to house compressors for aeration systems, protecting them from the elements and hiding them. They can, however, be used for many different purposes as the fan provides cool air flow over motors. Constructed from galvanized steel with a baked powder finish, they also have knockouts for 5 airlines and one incoming electric line.

Post Mounted Lockable Cabinet is designed to hold all sizes of linear compressors as well as rocking piston compressor up to 1/2 HP & rotary vane up to 1/4 HP. These cabinets have both top and front openings to allow easy access to your motor. Made from galvanized steel with a powder coat finish, these cabinets are strong and well-built, coming with a mounting bracket and even a fan to provide cool air flow over the motors. The lockable cabinet is available for pole mounting or on a raised base and has three knockouts for airlines and one for the power source.

Post Mounted Lockable Cabinet w/ Ground Base - The post mounted lockable cabinet comes with a raised base for ground use instead of pole mounting. The cabinet will hold all linear compressors and has both top and front openings to allow easy access. The lockable cabinet is made from galvanized steel and is strong and well-built. The cabinets come with mounting brackets and an internal fan to provide air flow over the motors. There are three knockouts for airlines and one for your power source.