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Pond Netting & Stakes

Pond netting is often used to help keep leaves and other debris from falling into the pond. Such debris is not only unsightly, but as it decomposes, it releases various compounds that stimulate algae growth or threaten fish health. Large accumulations of dead leaves are often associated with ponds that experience significant "winter kill".

The mesh size varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, and sometimes even within the same product line. Good pond netting will have a mesh of no larger than 1/2" - 3/8" is even better. Finer mesh can catch not only leaves, but even some larger seeds like acorns and those Maple tree "helicopters". Coarser pond nets are more appropriate for helping keep fish from jumping out, but even then the netting needs to be suspended well above the water.


Pond netting also discourages some pond pests and predators especially herons and other birds. For this purpose, a smaller mesh and colored net will be more easily seen, so the pests will be less likely to get themselves wrapped up in it. Please contact us if you have any questions on Pond Netting.

KW Pond Netting Options:

  • Premium Netting – 1/8” mesh, sewn binding and grommets every 2 feet. Best available protection on the market today.
  • Blue Heron & Critter protection Netting – 1” & 2” mesh, no bindings. This net stays in place by stakes (included) this net looks fantastic on the pond. Also will give you peace of mind knowing you have the best protection.
  • Medium Duty – ¼’ mesh with sewn bindings and grommets every 3-4 feet. A great value that will give you the protection that you are looking for.
  • Light Duty – ½” mesh, no bindings (factory edge) use for the smaller ponds.