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Plumbing and Auto-Fills

Pond Plumbing Supplies

A complete line of plumbing supplies to connect filters, pumps and waterfalls. Flexible tubing, clamps, fittings and devices that allow you to create a custom system for any size of koi pond.

  • Poly Tubing
  • Check Valves
  • Unions
  • Vinyl Tubing
  • Ball Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • AutoFill Valves
  • Waterfall Foam

Plumbing Acronym Guide:

  • FPT — Female pipe thread
  • MPT — Male pipe thread
  • Slip — Smooth surface that glues onto PVC pipe or flex pipe.
  • Hose Barb — Barbed fitting designed to make a water tight connection with flexible vinyl tubing
  • PVC Pipe — Polyvinyl chloride, a rigid plastic piping used for many plumbing applications
  • Flexible PVC — Plastic pipe similar to PVC with the added benefit of flexibility
  • Vinyl Tubing — Flexible tubing made of vinyl
  • I.D. — Inner diameter
  • O.D. — Outside diameter
  • Flow Accelerator — A special type of nozzle used to increase water flow