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Copper Tree Fountains

Aqua Bella Copper Trees

Create rich, vibrating sounds of water as their beauty lifts and energizes the atmosphere.

Copper Fountain Trees bring together art, metal, & water exactly where they your home. Create a striking visual both during the day & night as water dances from leaf to leaf all while lights capture the shimmering droplets of water.

Hand made by a designer in the most tranquil place in the midst of the deep woodlands in England. Every single element of these sculpted fountains, including the leaves, are hand cut and hand made creating the most beautiful of fountains. No two pieces are exactly identical ensuring individuality and zest in all designs.

Warranty: Copper fountains are not covered under our warranty. They are very durable and will function properly for many, many years! Proper maintenance is the key.

Maintenance: Prevent algae development. Use pond friendly algaecide chemicals to cure against algae.

Winterization: When the temperature is dropping to the freezing point you need to make sure that your fountain is not freezing. Ice in the thin copper tubes will brake them, also heavy snow can damage branches. Therefore, remove your fountain off the AquaBox and safely put it in storage for winter