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Pond Lighting LED - White

Why LED Underwater Low Voltage Lights?

LED underwater lighting is more energy efficient, reliable, and easier to maintain than halogen lighting. LED fixtures that use 1 watt of energy are able to put out the same light output of a 10 watt Halogen light fixture. LED fixtures do not have bulbs that burn out and have to be replaced since they are a sealed fixture. The possibility of a light going out and having to be fixed or replaced are practically nonexistent.

Components to an LED Lighting System

Led Lighting Systems are powered by a transformer that converts the power from 120 volts to a safe 12 volts. Wire is run from the transformer to each individual LED lights. Most transformers have options for photocells that automatically turn on and off the lights at dusk and dawn and also a timer that can automatically turn on or off the lights at a fixed time.