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EasyPro Spillways

These one piece waterfall spillways are ideal for creating pond-less style water features. Easy Installation - Liner attaches to spillway using the patented "Spliner Lock" tools!

The Installation of Eco-Series Spillways is Easy!

  • Inlet spinweld comes installed, simply connect incoming supply line
  • Connecting liner takes only seconds using patented Spliner Lock system
  • Fill spillway with gravel/small cobble stone, plug in pump and enjoy!

Dual Inlets - 2" bulkheads (pre-installed for you) allow for easy plumbing into either end, a plug for the unused end is included. Each spillway comes with a 4" diffuser tube. This tube lays across the bottom of the spillway in between the inlet fittings. Water enters from either end (or both ends) and spreads out evenly across the whole width of the spillway. Gravel can then be used to fill the inside of the spillway creating a natural, even looking waterfall.