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Aquatic Plant Care Aquatic plants add beauty to your pond and also reduce maintenance by acting as natural filters. Plants help maintain clear water conditions.

Pond plants add beautify and improve water quality of your pond.

Aquatic Plant Tools help maintain the plants.

Aquatic Planting Media is soil comprised of a unique blend of natural minerals, including zeolite, which provides a clean, easy to use planting media for water gardeners. It is recommended for all potted aquatic plants, and will not change pH or color the pond water.

Aquatic Pest Control removes aphid pests off of your pond plants.

Aquatic Plant Food Liquid is designed to be added to the pond water. The nutrients will be absorbed by all aquatic plants insuring that your pond plants keep.

Islandscapes provide added protection for fish, added biofiltration such as nitrate removal, shade, and a natural food source for fish and other life.