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Rotary Vane Air Outlet Assemblies

Rotary Vane Air Outlet Assemblies

Rotary Vane Air Outlet Assemblies

  • Use when operating two or more pond diffusers from a single pump, all fittings are galvanized steel
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the pump in case airlines become kinked, plugged or frozen
  • Union coupling allows for quick and easy removal of the pump
  • Air flow to each diffuser is controlled by a heavy duty brass ball valve
  • 2' piece of flexible hose included on each line to dissipate heat and allow for easy pipe connection
  • Use pressure gauges to monitor system pressure and prevent costly motor damage

The VO2N, VO4N, & VO6 are all set up for 1/2" tubing. The VO2N has a 1/4" threaded inlet which fits on the RV33 compressor. The VO4N & VO6N have the 3/8" threaded inlet which fits on the RV75 & RV100 compressors.

Please note, we do not recommend using a smaller tubing size with the rotary vane compressors. In some instances, we have customized the valved outlets for larger tubing sizes.

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