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Firestone EPDM Pond Liner - Boxed 8 x 10 ft. (45 mil.)

Firestone EPDM Pond Liner - Boxed 8 x 10 ft. (45 mil.)

Firestone Pond Liner - Boxed

Firestone brand EPDM shows outstanding resistance to ultraviolet rays (UV), an important characteristic especially along the water line of the pond where the liner is most exposed.

High elongation allows for excellent expansion and contraction performance that enables it to conform to objects in the subgrade, allowing it to stretch over objects dislodged beneath the membrane. This material can be used in small or large ponds.

45 mil EPDM flexible rubber pond liner with 20 year manufacturer's guarantee against UV breakdown. Ozone resistant.

If you do not know the size liner you will need click here to use our pond volume calculator.

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