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Pondmaster Pressurized Filters

The Pondmaster Pressurized Filter System features a unique, manually operated agitator for dislodging over 90% of the pond residue that accumulates in the filter chamber. This patent pending feature is employed during the backwash and rinse operation.

Avialable with, or without integrated UV. For ponds from 1,000 - 4,000 gallons.

Pondmaster pressurized filters are both biological filters as well as Ultra-Violet filters, designed to eliminate green water once and for all, and conserve as much waste water as possible.

The biological media surrounds a special agitation mechanism that is manually rotated back and forth in an agitating motion while expulsing unwanted debris in the backwash and then rinse cycles.

The biological filter will reduce debris on a microscopic level, making the water breathable again for fish and plants, and a magnetic pump can be used to pressurize the chamber, with large amounts of water, thereby further accelerating the process of breakdown.

The unique agitator design is used for expulsing excess debris inside the filter, and can be operated manually be just pulling a lever back and forth while running the backwash cycle.