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Product of the Week - Medo Air Pumps

Product of the Week - Medo Air Pumps

Posted by Dan on Aug 7th 2018

The Linear-motor-driven Free Piston System on the Medo air pump has an internal piston inside the cylinder which is driven by an electro-magnet and spring system controlled by the alternating input current cycle. The Medo air pump piston thus forms a single combined structure of two usually different devices; motor and pump. The system is quiet and vibration free, and offers the advantages of easy maintenance and a long operating life. 

Medo's Linear Pump Operating Principle The activated electro-magnet attracts the piston against the return spring, while air is taken into the cylinder through the opened inlet valve.

When the electro-magnet is deactivated, the return spring pushes the piston back, and the compressed air is brought out of the cylinder through the now open outlet valve. The system can function as either an air compressor or as a vacuum pump.

Fewer Components The Medo air pump's unique and simple structure has no complicated transmission mechanism such as a crankshaft, connecting rods, ball bearings, etc., which are widely used in between the motor and compressor in conventional pumps.


  • Low Noise Level
  • The pumps operate at a very low noise level, about that of a light ballast, as there are no crankshafts, connecting rods or ball bearings to create additional noise.
  • Low power consumption
    With the piston as the only moving part, frictional losses are diminished which allows for lower starting and running current. Line current requirements are only 50-60% of that typically used by diaphragm pumps.
  • Automatic Pressure Adjustment
    Designed to self-adjust should the pressure exceed the rated value of the pump, the piston stroke will automatically shorten to reduce the strain on the pump. At the same time, power consumption of the pump will decrease to protect against possible increasing temperatures.
  • Self-cooling design
    Air drawn in through the intake valve over the coils reduces the temperature seen in the interior of the pump.
  • Easy Maintenanceproviding maintenance on the pump is relatively easy with a completely oil-less design and no need for additional lubrication. Along with changing the filter as required, the only component to replace in the pump afte an extensive operating period is the piston.
  • Warranty 3 Years