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Ion Generator Technology for Clear Pond Water

Ion Generator Technology for Clear Pond Water

Posted by Dan on Aug 7th 2018

Safe and effective water clarification for ponds, pond free, and other decorative water features. Ion generators drastically reduce maintenance and assist in creating crystal clear water without the use of chemicals.

Utilizes mineral ionization technology to safely control algae growth in ponds, pond-less waterfalls and other water features, replacing gallons of chemical algae control. Use the IonMateTM along with beneficial bacteria treatments to keep a water feature healthy and crystal clear year-round. The IonMateTM is safe for fish, plants, pets and is compatible with beneficial bacteria.

How Does The IonMate™ System Work?

The IonMateTM controller sends a safe and controlled low-voltage electric charge into copper probes submerged in water. This small charge jumps the gap between the probes and causes positively charged copper atoms (ions) to release from the probe and enter the water. This action slowly breaks down the copper probes as copper is released into the water. Trace levels of copper ions in the water then safely prohibit algae growth, keeping the water clear and free of algae.

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IonMate Product Review from one of our customers:

Mid July, I ordered one of the PM06059 IonMate™ Electronic Algae Control System’s for my pond. I had been doing some investigating since first learning about this new technology, this Spring. I was very hesitant since I had invested many dollars in other methods to try and control algae. Nothing has worked…even to the point of a six foot long uv lamp I purchased last year, and yes, it has been replaced and burns.

I talked to you on the phone and decided to give this unit a whirl. After seven days, I began to see some clearing. However, since I had been pouring the chemicals in regularly, and it was getting late in the pond year, I told myself it was about time to see some clearing. And besides, this new unit couldn’t make a difference this soon.

I kept seeing clearing. After TWO weeks I couldn’t believe my eyes! Wishful thinking I thought.

It just kept clearing up, and I was having to clean out my filter each and every DAY of the gunk that had collected, so I knew it was making a difference. I am still doing it, but I don’t mind, because my water is so clear I think I could drink out of it! My fish are a lot more active too. This unit is simply incredible. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long. Now I only wish I had started with a complete clean of my pond, with all my rocks power washed and ALL the gunk cleaned out so I am not doing it every day. But, I really don’t mind, I am getting so much enjoyment out of being able to see four feet down to the bottom of my pond after such a short time.

Donnie Nicholson