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Fountains and Bubblers

Fountains and Bubblers

Posted by Dan on Aug 7th 2018

Is there anything more relaxing than the soft trickle of water through a fountain? The splash of water against stone on a warm summer's evening, the steady push of the bubblers breaking the water's tension as the sun sets all blend for a perfect evening on the patio.

Many people spend their evenings like this, and there’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy it too! Fountains have more style and variety now than ever before. With everything from subtle bird fountains to full sized rock bubblers, there’s a fountain that will fit your lifestyle and bring the calming effects of moving water into your life.

Bird fountains provide a wonderful option for those with limited space as well as those who love the birds they’ll attract. Perfect for a garden or patio, bird fountains provide the soothing sound of falling water while adhering to natural styling.

If you prefer to have guests indoors, floor fountains can be a perfect addition to your decor! Floor fountains provide a convenient way to bring the soothing nature of a water feature indoors. They have a base for water collection and are easy to install.

If you need to make more of a “splash,” you could check out our wall fountains! They set the perfect tone for an intimate garden, and and provide an unparalleled sense of stability and prosperity. Indoors or out, wall fountains make a great conversation starter, or provide just the right amount of ambient noise to get your best reading done.

Beyond the obvious calming effects, having a fountain in your home creates a natural humidifier. The dry air that can cause such sort throats is mitigated, without having an ugly humidifier in the corner. Best of all, they require hardly more maintenance than a humidifier.

Filling the fountain with distilled water will extend its life, but they still need to be cleaned regularly. As long as the fountain has been cared for while running, this should entail nothing more than draining it and giving it a quick scrub. You'll want to remember to scrub the washers and pump body as well, being sure to get the corners with a brush, but that's it! maintenance takes only a few moments of time for hours of joy.

Without spending a lot of money or time on maintenance, fountains can turn your home or garden around. The bubblers add a unique sound that you can’t get anywhere other than a river. Our floor fountains and rock bubblers can add a stunning look to any dinner party, and the uniqueness of a wall fountain elevates it to its own level. There's nothing more calming than moving water.

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