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Innovative Water Garden and Pond Supplies.

  • basalt fountains
  • bottom drains
  • Rocking Piston Compressors
  • Spring Pond Cleaning
Underwater Warehouse - Innovative Water Garden and Pond Supplies.

Welcome to Underwater Warehouse!

At the Underwater Warehouse, we offer a large selection of pond, lake and fountain supplies as well as a wide range of information, services, and much more for the beginner to the most advanced pond hobbyist.

Our purpose is to offer the widest selection of Koi Pond and water garden products from which to choose. We offer everything from "Entry-Level" pond products to the ultimate in Koi and Water Garden Products for the most experienced "Ponder". As always, our team works hard to keep diversification and selection fresh by continuously adding new products.

Should you need assistance in making your selection, we are always glad to help. Simply contact us by phone 215-244-4300 or email us on our contact page.


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