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Microbe-Lift Stress Relief

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Microbe-Lift Stress Relief
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Heavy metals in the pond water may be lethal to your fish. MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief helps to detoxify the free ions in zinc, copper and iron.

  • Dechlorinator & Stress Reliever with Aloe Vera
  • Detoxifies free ions of heavy metals
  • Helps to reduce stress, heal wounds and bruises
  • Helps to restore protective slime coat
  • Will not affect the ion balance of pH
  • Provides additional vitamins and immune supplements
  • Heals missing scales
  • Minimizes infections

For Dechlorinization: Neutralize chloramines, heavy metals and chlorine. Add one ounce (5 capfuls) of MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief per 150 gallons of pond water.

For Stress Relief: Restoration of slime coat, regeneration of fins and repairing damaged skin. Add 2 ounces of MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief per 150 gallons of pond water.

Add measured MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief to the pond (before adding new or replacement water) at the rate of one ounce (5 capfuls) per 150 gallons of new or replacement water. MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief will dechlorinate the added water immediately before it becomes toxic to fish.

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