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Atlantic Skimmer Rock Cover - 34-in.

Atlantic Skimmer Rock Cover - 34-in.Atlantic Skimmer Rock Cover - 34-in.
Item #:   RL40S
Item #:   RL40G
Item #:   RL40M
Item #:   RL40D

Say goodbye to that plastic “fake rock” look forever with Atlantic’s realistic Rock Lids. Molded from real stones, the sturdy fiberglass construction, authentic textures and incredibly real finishes set these

Rock Lids apart from anything else available today. Three sizes and four regional colors ensure the perfect fit for every application. No one will ever know it’s not real!

  • Dimensions: 34"L x 24"W x 5"H
  • Match to Skimmer: PS4000 / PS4500 / PS4600 / PS4900

Choose from four different sizes:

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