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Matala Koi Clear V-105 Vortex Filter

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Matala Koi Clear V-105 Vortex FilterMatala Koi Clear V-105 Vortex FilterMatala Koi Clear V-105 Vortex Filter
Item #:   KC105C
Item #:   KC105
Item #:   KCS

One single standard unit suitable for water gardens up to 20 Ton / 5,300 Gallons.

The Matala Koi Clear V-105 Vortex Filter is a state of the art, progressive filter. It is versatile and fits into modular applications; it can be used as a stand alone filter or in series to form a multiple chamber filter system. It can be buried at pond level for a gravity flow-in design or positioned above pond level for gravity flow-out design.

One single standard unit is suitable for water gardens ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 gallons at flow rates up to 3,000 gallons per hour.

Each filter includes lid. The tank may be purchased alone or with Matala filter media. The total filtration included with the media option equals over eight cubic feet of Matala filter media and includes:

  • One black course rigid support grid (33" diameter x 2" thick)
  • One green medium density roll Matala (35" diameter x 6" thick)
  • One blue fine density roll Matala (38" diameter x 6" thick)

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile and Modular Application
  • Can be used as Vortex or as combined Vortex + Filter.
  • One tank can be applied as a single filtration unit.
  • Several tanks can be applied as modules in a multi-chamber filter.
  • State of the Art Progressive Filtration
  • For better step-wise transition from mechanical filtration to bio-filtration.
  • The Matala Filter media with 3-Dimensional Structure and High Free Volume
  • Active, self-cleaning vortex flow below and throughout the filter media.
  • Very resistant to clogging.
  • Easily maintained: Top to bottom rinsing.
  • Easy Installation
  • Thanks to the sloped square bottom of the KoiClear105, no extra supports are needed for positioning and equilibration.
  • Transport Friendly
  • Tanks are fully stackable

The Koi Clear does not include any tank fittings. You must drill your own holes and install your own bulkhead waterproof fittings in any location you need.

We recommend you use standard long shaft 2" or 3" bulkheads for your waterproof fittings.

Picture left shows a vortex style configuration. -1 bottom drain for cleaning. -1 mid tank inlet for water input vortex w/ 90 degreee elbow inside the tank to create vortex spin action. -1 top fitting for outlet.

Also shown is optional Stainless Steel Stand

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