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Insulated Tanks

Insulated Tanks
Insulated TanksInsulated Tanks

No sweat!
Insulated tanks are built from ABS plastic sheets with 2" thick insulated walls and bottoms. Ideally suited for research, seafood holding, bait tanks, touch tanks and display tanks. Double-pane acrylic windows (optional) will not "sweat" with cold water.

The tanks listed below are only a fraction of the many tank sizes available. Custom sizes, colors, tanks with dividers, bulkhead fittings, etc., are available on a custom order basis. Call for more info.

Tanks listed below are priced in white or black (specify when ordering—use the "Comments" field during checkout). "W" at the end of the part number is for one dual-pane window; call if you want two or more. Allow two weeks for production. Tanks ship via motor freight.

Ships directly from the manufacturer.

Item #
Insulated Tank - 17 gal. 24 x 24 x 12-in.
$ 255.00
Insulated Tank w/ Window - 17 gal. 24 x 24 x 12-in.
$ 324.00
Insulated Tank - 134 gal. 48 x 48 x 18-in.
$ 955.00
Insulated Tank w/ Window - 134 gal. 48 x 48 x 18-in.
$ 1140.00