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Goulds High-Volume Submersible Pumps

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Goulds High-Volume Submersible Pumps
Item #:   WSF
Item #:   WS15
Item #:   WS20
Item #:   WS30
Item #:   WS50

For high volume, continuous water needs, these pumps are a great choice. These pumps are rated for heavy duty applications and will provide years of reliable use.

  • 20 ft. heavy duty cord
  • 4” flanged discharge
  • Non clog cast iron impeller
  • Built in thermal protection with automatic reset
  • 230 volt 1750 rpm motors single phase, 230/460 volt 1750 rpm 3 phase motors
  • Capable of running dry without motor damage.
ModelHPAmps/Volts10'15'20'25'30'35'40'45'Max HeadCost to Run 24 HoursDimensions (Dia. x Hght.)
WS151.513.2/230/460400320230110----31'$6.5616" x 28"
WS20216.3/230/460-370300205100---35'$8.1016" x 28"
WS30321.5/230/460-49044036027016075-46'$10.6816" x 28"
WS50526.5/230/460--5704403602751758551'$13.1716" x 28"
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