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Blue Diamond Pumps

Blue Diamond T-Series Pumps

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Blue Diamond T-Series Pumps
Item #:   T5000
Item #:   T8000
Item #:   T10000
Item #:   T15000
Item #:   T20000
Item #:   T23000
Item #:   T25000
Item #:   T30000
  • High quality aluminium and ceramic shaft ensure long life even in continuous duty
  • Can be used submersed or inline
  • Vortex impeller
  • Can pump suspended solids up to 6mm
  • Integral thermal cutout
  • Ideal for pond aeration, filter systems or water features
  • 2 year warranty

Option 1: Filter cover can be removed for inline connection to skimmers, filters and water features

Option 2: Pump setup for submersible use in pond aeration

Option 3: Pump setup for submersible use in pond systems and includes ball fitting
for connecting tubing in any orientation. Ideal for waterfalls and fountains.

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