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Pro-Glass Alumina Air Stones

Pro-Glass Alumina Air Stones
Item #:   AS15
Manufactures Part Number:   AS15
Item #:   AS325
Manufactures Part Number:   AS325
Item #:   AS337
Manufactures Part Number:   AS337
Item #:   AS625
Manufactures Part Number:   AS625
Item #:   AS637
Manufactures Part Number:   AS637
Item #:   AS650
Manufactures Part Number:   AS650
Item #:   AS937
Manufactures Part Number:   AS937
Item #:   AS950
Manufactures Part Number:   AS950
Item #:   AS1237
Manufactures Part Number:   AS1237
Item #:   AS1250
Manufactures Part Number:   AS1250

EasyPro Alumina Air Stones provide excellent aeration for Koi ponds and water gardens at a fraction of the cost of other diffusers on the market today! These quality units are available in several sizes to fit your specific needs.

  • Alumina airstones are three times stronger than white silica airstones!
  • Produces a finer bubble with no increase in pressure.
  • Inlet fittings are set into the body of the diffuser, making them much less likely to break or twist loose
  • Higher density means self weighting
  • Cleanable with muriatic acid or chlorine
  • More resistant to ozone
Part #DimensionsRecommened Airflow (CFM)Fitting SizeShip Weight
AS151½" x 1½" x 1½".203/16" Barb1 lb.
AS3251½" x 1½" x 3".301/4" Barb1 lb.
AS3371½" x 1½" x 3".303/8" Barb2 lbs.
AS6251½" x 1½" x 6".51/4" Barb2 lbs.
AS6371½" x 1½" x 6".53/8" Barb2 lbs.
AS6501½" x 1½" x 6".51/2" NPT2 lbs.
AS9371½" x 1½" x 9".753/8" Barb2 lbs.
AS9501½" x 1½" x 9".751/2" Barb2 lbs.
AS12371½" x 1½" x 12"1.03/8" Barb3 lbs.
AS12501½" x 1½" x 12"1.01/2" NPT3 lbs.

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