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EasyPro Rubber Air DiffusersEasyPro Rubber Air DiffusersEasyPro Rubber Air DiffusersEasyPro Rubber Air Diffusers
Item #:   RAD4
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD4
Item #:   RAD6
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD6
Item #:   RAD650
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD650
Item #:   RAD650W
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD650W
Item #:   RAD8
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD8
Item #:   RAD850
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD850
Item #:   RAD12
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD12
Item #:   RAD1250
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD1250
Item #:   RAD2475
Manufactures Part Number:   RAD2475

These EPDM rubber air diffusers are incredibly strong and are ideal for pond aeration, circulation and destratisfying applications. New 6" weighted diffuser available, part #RAD650W

  • Unlike air stones these diffusers are easy to clean, EPDM membrane cleans much better and easier than porous air stones.
  • In testing, these air diffusers produce a slightly larger air bubble than air stones which translates into less oxygen transfer into the water, so for fish holding tanks, raceways, fish productions ponds, etc. we recommend staying with the air stones.
  • Barbed inlets have multiple size barbs. Simply cut to fit the size tubing you are using.
  • An excellent choice for pond and water garden aeration since they actually produce more circulation and water movement
Sku #Length

Inlet Air Fitting

Recomm. CFM Airflow

Max CFM Airflow

Ship Wt.

RAD44"1/4" 3/8"0.21.11 lb.
RAD6506"1/2" MPT0.41.71 lb.
RAD66"1/4" 3/8"0.42.51 lb.
RAD8508"1/2" MPT0.72.51 lb.
RAD88"3/8" - 1/20.72.51 lb.
RAD1212"3/8" - 1/2"0.93.52 lbs.
RAD125012"1/2" MPT0.93.52 lbs.
RAD247524"3/4" MPT1.85.44 lbs.

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