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Gast Rotary Vane Check Valve Assembly

Item #:RVC
Item #:RVC2

The RVC/ RVC2 assembly is designed to go on the inlet of the rotary vane compressors. From time to time rotary vane units can somehow (power outage, etc.) spin the wrong direction. By doing this they can actually pull water up the line and into the eccentric vane chamber causing damage to the unit. The RVC/RVC2 assembly prevents this from happening by essentially not allowing the unit to spin the wrong direction by creating an air lock if it does go the wrong way. Just the blue portion is technically the check valve.

  • RVC - inlet is 1/4" fpt and connection to compressor is 1/4" npt
  • RVC2 - inlet is 3/8" fpt and connection to compressor is 3/8" npt

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