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Why You Should Consider a Pond De-Icer

Why You Should Consider a Pond De-Icer

Posted by Underwater Warehouse on Nov 8th 2019

Living in a seasonal climate will give you some challenges when maintaining your Koi pond in the colder months. Keeping your fish alive in the colder months could be challenges and Underwater Warehouse has the solution for you!

The Purpose of Pond De-Icers

When we think of pond de-icers, we believe they are meant to keep the pond warm for the fish to survive. This is not true. The De-Icers are meant to keep in opening in the ice by melting a hole into the ice, so that the toxic gases underneath can be released through the opening it creates

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Aeration System

Another great product to have for your pond is an Aeration System. This can be used year-round to help improve the water quality in ponds. An air compressor will pump the air through a hose to an air diffuser at the bottom of the pond creating bubbles that rise to the surface

This is a beneficial to have for your pond because it also ensures good oxygen levels during the hot summer months.

Pond Aerators also work for maintaining a small hole in the ice in the colder winter months. It will maintain an opening in the ice during the freezing climate and increases oxygen levels helping to keep the pond healthier.

Aeration and De-icers

Some of our pond hobbyist who have a small pond aeration and live in the region where they get really cold temperatures will run the aerator and place the De-Icer as well near the column of air.

Underwater Warehouse

At Underwater Warehouse, we offer a large selection of pond, lake and fountain supplies as well as a wide range of information, services, and much more for our customers. If you’re looking to invest in products to help maintain your Koi pond during the winter months, contact Underwater Warehouse at 215-244-4300 today!