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Tranquil Décor Basalt Fountains for Your Yard

Tranquil Décor Basalt Fountains for Your Yard

Posted by Underwater Warehouse on Aug 22nd 2019

Basalt fountains are perfect for your backyard landscape or garden. These pieces will complement your landscape with a sort of elegance. If you’re looking to enhance your garden landscape, but you don’t want to invest in a large project, a Basalt fountain is the perfect option. The Tranquil Décor Basalt Fountains come in several styles listed below.

Tranquil Décor Keyed Basalt Fountain

This Keyed fountain comes with three basalts, which are all different in sizes. The unique thing about this fountain is that it the taller two basalts have a spillway built into them allowing the water to fall from one basalt to the next, and the bottom basalt overflows water into the basin.

Tranquil Décor Modern Basalt Fountain

The Modern Basalt Fountain features a partially polished top and one corner cut out and decoratively polished. The water cascades down the polished side.

Tranquil Décor Bamboo Basalt Fountain

Another perfect fountain you can get is the Tranquil Décor Bamboo. This fountain comes with one pillar with a bamboo spout, a lower stone platform where the water falls to, a pump, plumbing kit, and a basin with support block. This is simple fountain you could easily apply to a small flower garden.

Tranquil Décor Natural Top BasaltFountain

The Natural Top is not polished, which makes each kit unique because of the natural cuts in the fountain columns. The top is cut on an angle forcing the water to face the viewing area. The sizes will vary with this fountain.

Tranquil Décor Polished Top BasaltFountain

The Polished Top Basalt Fountain has a flat polish top with natural cut sides that makes a beautiful 360 display for your yard. The water flowing down creates the natural look against the stone. The Polished Top Basalts come in 3 different size kits.

Tranquil Décor Dome Top Basalts

The Dome Top Basalt has a polished round top creating water to spill from all sides. Due to natural characteristics of the basalts, the size, weight and number of sides will vary.

These Basalt fountains all have a different in style, but they all work wonders for decorating your garden or backyard landscape. They will complement the landscape in a way that you’ll enjoy the quiet sound of the water dripping down the fountains. Most of these Basalt Fountains are available in a kit that includes a basin, pump, plumbing kit and a LED light.

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