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Rock Wall Panels - RWP-009/010

Rock Wall Panels - RWP-009/010

Rock Wall Panels are available as a flexible panel or rigid with foam backing to run water.

RWP-009 is Rigid

  • Used for waterfeatures
  • Fantastic way to cover fences & walls

RWP-010 is flexible. If you would like to use the wall panel as a waterfeature, please select RWP-009.

  • Fantastic way to cover fences & walls and is flexible.
  • RWP-010 (flexible) panel, this is not suitable to run water unless you have a rubber liner backing it.
  • The material in its flextible state is porous with tiny pin holes through it and is not waterproof.

Specs for both types:

  • L 83" x W 12" x H 76"
  • Approx. weight: 88 lbs.

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