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Koi Air 2 Self-Weighted Diffuser - 2 sticks

Koi Air 2 Self-Weighted Diffuser - 2 sticks

These self weighted air diffuser plate assemblies are constructed with 2 heavy duty membrane diffusers that produce uniform bubble distribution and will last for years.

Diffuser Plate Assembly

The diffuser plate utilizes a sturdy base plate and 1-piece weighted distribution block. The distribution block incorporates a 3/8” barbed inlet for quick hook-up to 3/8" diameter airline while providing threaded female outlets to accommodate 2 membrane diffuser sticks.

Membrane Stick Diffusers

Designed to improve oxygen absorption, the diffuser membranes deliver all of the performance of air stone diffusers without the hassles of replacing cracked stones or frequent cleanings due to debris accumulations. Virtually maintenance-free, membrane diffuser sticks resist clogging and their flexibility eliminates the possibilities of cracking and leaking.


  • Dual diffuser handles airflow from 0.8 - 3 cfm
  • Self weighted diffuser assembly eliminates the need for bricks and straps to get the diffuser to sink!
  • 3/4" female threaded outlet, 3/8" barbed tubing adapter included
  • Includes check valve to prevent water entering the airline when pump is stopped

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