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Airmax ProAir-4 Lifted Membrane Diffuser Plate - 4 Diffusers

Airmax ProAir-4 Lifted Membrane Diffuser Plate - 4 Diffusers

The ProAir™ 4 is the most advanced diffuser on the market today and is specifically designed to maximize circulation and oxygen transfer in ponds and lakes. The ProAir™ 4’s weighted sled design keeps the diffuser submerged and prevents it from sinking into the muck. The exclusive PTFE non-stick membrane sticks provide the synergy of air stones while being virtually maintenance-free. Each diffuser also includes a check valve to prevent back pressure
to the compressor.

Once every 12 months we recommend purging the membrane sticks. To do this, force all air to one ProAir™ 4 diffuser for 10 seconds. Repeat for all ProAir™ 4 diffusers within an aeration system. For aeration systems containing only one ProAir™ 4 diffuser, pull the pressure relief valve and let go. Repeat 6 – 8 times.

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