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1/2 HP Airmax EcoSeries Fountain Nozzles

1/2 HP Airmax EcoSeries Fountain Nozzles

The EcoSeries™ Premium Spray Patterns offer unique choices for the pond owner. The Single Arch Spray Pattern has heavy streams providing a formal visual display and soothing ambiance. The Double Arch pattern provides two overlapping arch patterns to create a stunning visual presentation, which is a perfect fit for larger ponds. The Double Arch & Geyser pattern combines the overlapping double arch with a gushing center geyser to create an awe-inspiring display.

Optional Premium Nozzles are available:

  • Single Arch (6' H x 10' W)
  • Double Arch (Tier One: 9' H x 10' W, Tier Two: 4' H x 30' W)
  • Double Arch & Geyser (Tier One: 6'H x 8'W, Tier Two: 3'H x 28'W)

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