Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

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Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Updated: May 20, 2018

Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Our goal of this article is to provide a brief overview of all the Universal Rocks products when considering installing a Universal Rocks pond, waterfall or stream. Universal Rocks are lightweight garden and pond rocks renowned for their versatility and remarkable realism and are today featured in residential and commerical properties.

Whether you're creating a small meditation fountain or Koi pond, or transforming open space into a personal backyard pond or rock garden, you'll find one of the most impressive selections of rock water features to make every project a success.

Their lightweight faux rocks are painstakingly molded from real rock formations in Australia and West Texas and color blasted with genuine rock material for a look that's virtually indistinguishable from those in nature.

Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Self-Contained ponds are available with a waterfall attached. Universal Rocks Self-contained ponds require no digging and can be installed on any hard surfaced area or in a garden bed. Just add plants, mulch, rocks or pebbles to achieve a great finish affect.

  • Small Corner Waterfall - SCW-004
  • Small Patio Pond
  • Small Waterfall Pond-SWP-008
  • Medium Patio Pond - with MW-015
  • Medium Patio Pond with MW-004
  • Large Corner Waterfall-LCW-001
  • Large Patio Pond
  • Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-002
  • Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-005
  • Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-008
  • Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-010
Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Ponds only come in 19 different size pond. With most of them requiring little digging, these preformed ponds are the beautiful alternative liner ponds. Made with durable material, these are meant to last! Safe for fish and water plants our prefabricated ponds are the perfect catchment for one of the Universal gorgeous waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Pond Waterfalls are suited for many different ponds. The waterfalls include a water outlet fittings installed in the waterfall to connected your tubing.

  • CAVE-003
  • CAVE-004
  • CAVE-006
  • Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-008
  • Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-016
  • Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-018
  • Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-019
  • Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-021
  • Medium Waterfall - MW-004
  • Medium Waterfall - MW-005
  • Medium Waterfall - MW-008
  • Medium Waterfall - MW-009
  • Medium Waterfall - MW-011
  • Medium Waterfall - MW-015
  • Large Edge Waterfall - LEW-003
  • Large Edge Waterfall - LEW-003-MED
  • Large Edge Waterfall-LEW-002
  • Large Edge Waterfall-LEW-004
  • Large Edge Waterfall-LEW-006-corner
  • Large Waterfall-LW-003
  • Extra Large Edge Waterfall-001
  • Salt Creek Falls - Pondless waterfall PLW-003
Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Cascades and Creeks are another option instead of a waterfall. There is nothing more relaxing than a creek running in your backyard.

  • Universal Rocks Small Cascade-SC-014
  • Universal Rocks Small Cascade - SPC-005
  • Universal Rocks Cascade - UC-001
  • Universal Rocks Cascade - UC-002
  • Universal Rocks Cascade - UC-003
  • Universal Rocks Cascade - UC-004
  • Universal Rocks Creek (Large)
  • Universal Rocks Creek-007
  • Universal Rocks Creek-008

Universal Rocks Accent Rocks are one of the easiest and perfect ways to add another dimension to a new or existing garden. These rocks, just like real ones, are best installed in odd numbers and dug into the earth making them look like they have been buried for many, many years in the landscape. They also help and look the best when a garden bed is created with different levels. To complete your landscape of plants and rocks various mulches such as different sized river stones and colored barks can give a perfect look.

Accent rocks are also perfect for covering ugly utilities we all have around our house. These rocks and their color are made to withstand your lawn mower and weed eater!

  • Accent Rock-AR-001 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-001
  • Accent Rock-AR-002 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-002
  • Accent Rock-AR-002 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-002
  • Accent Rock-AR-003 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-003
  • Accent Rock-AR-004 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-004
  • Accent Rock-AR-005 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-005
  • Accent Rock-AR-006 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-006
  • Accent Rock-AR-007 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-007
  • Accent Rock-AR-008 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-008
  • Accent Rock-AR-009 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-009
  • Accent Rock-AR-010 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-010
  • Accent Rock-AR-011 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-011
  • Accent Rock-AR-012 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-012
  • Accent Rock-AR-013 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-013
  • Accent Rock-AR-014 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-014
  • Accent Rock-AR-015 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-015
  • Accent Rock-AR-016 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-016
  • Accent Rock-AR-017 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-017
  • Accent Rock-AR-018 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-018
  • Accent Rock-AR-019 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-019
  • Accent Rock-AR-020 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-020
  • Accent Rock-AR-021 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-021
  • Accent Rock-AR-022 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-022
  • Accent Rock-AR-023 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-023
  • Accent Rock-AR-024 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-024
  • Accent Rock-AR-025 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-025
  • Accent Rock-AR-026 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-026
  • Accent Rock-AR-027 / Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-027
  • Accent Rock-AR-033
  • Accent Rock-AR-034
  • Accent Rock-AR-035
  • Accent Rock-AR-036
  • Bubbling Accent Rock BAR-029
  • Bubbling Accent Rock BAR-030
  • Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-028
  • Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-031
  • Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-032
  • Bubbling Support Rock - BSR-001

Universal Rocks Building Rocks:

  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-001
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-002
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-003
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-004
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-005
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-006
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-007
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-008
  • Universal Rocks Building Rock - BR-009
Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Garden Rock Edging is ideal for garden edging. These look great mixed with a various of various sized rocks.

Planter Rocks have been created to mimic phenomenal creations of nature which are not often seen where we have plants growing naturally out of solitary rocks. These work really well with many of our other Universal Rocks products to complete that natural theme in anyone's home or project.Wall Planters: These will give you a very unique planter to add interest to any wall inside or out.

Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Pot Rocks

Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Floating Rocks:

  • Floating Rock - FR-005
  • Floating Rock - FR-006
  • Floating Rock - FR-007
  • Floating Rock - FR-008
Universal Rocks Artificial Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls.

Universal Rocks Floating Logs are suitable for turtles and frogs to rest or bask in the sun. The floating logs are also a hiding spot for your Koi and Goldfish. There are different sizes available to suit small to large turtles and fish. Each log comes with a stainless steel attachment point underneath the log for easy anchoring. Simply tie string and/or fishing line to the stainless steel eyelet and connect to rock on the bottom of the pond to help hold in place in our pond.

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