Rainwater Harvesting




Item #:SR60010

AXIS® is made from naturally occurring diatomaceous earth (DE). Nature designed this tiny organism for efficient movement of water and air. Like a microscopic hard sponge, the diatom is 82% porous and is the key to adding permanent porosity to the soil.

Incorporated into the soil, AXIS® reduces compaction and increases water and air permeability of the soil. It increases plant available water, firms up soggy soils, loosens hard to work soils, provides better drainage and aids in nutrient transfer. All of this results in dramatically improved root growth and improved microbial activity.

AXIS® is scientifically proven to affect soil properties.

  • Resists compaction
  • Balances air and water in soil
  • Increases infiltration
  • Buffers soil temperatures
  • Increases plant available water
  • Improves drainage


  • Rain Gardens
  • Green Roofs
  • Sport Fields
  • Golf Courses
  • In Landscapes
    • Planting beds & planters
    • Shrub & Tree planting and maintenance
    • Turf establishment and maintenance

Application Rates:

  • 10-20% by volume of soil zone
  • 70-140 lbs per cubic yard
  • 900-1300 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. incorporated 4-6" deep
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