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Sequence Skimmers

Sequence Skimmer - 2 Chamber

Sequence Skimmer - 2 Chamber

Sequence Skimmer Data Sheet

Integrate a skimmer to your water feature with ease and effectiveness! Intercept debris before it damages your pump! The Sequence® surface skimmer comes equipped with ports to tie into a bottom drain and external pump.

  • Unique design provides two separate internal chambers
  • Debris chamber - Ties bottom drain & surface skimming together while isolating debris
  • Clean Chamber - Ties in the external pump with clean water for longevity
  • 3” Bottom drain port - Easily connects bottom drain to debris chamber of skimmer

Benefits of a Skimmer Compared to a Strainer Basket:

  • Reduces routine maintenance in a pond system
  • Increase overall flow
  • Less clogging
  • Lowers the exposure to system airlock

Max Flow @ Clean Operation

Flow @ 3” Weir Water Height

Flow @ 4” Weir Water Height & Bottom Drain Materials Weight
SKM-5600 *5600 GPH 5520 GPH 5600 GPH Polyethylene 13 Ibs
SKM-EXT *5600 GPH 5520 GPH 5600 GPH Polyethylene 8 Ibs

* Max flow based on tests with inlet-weir dimensions of 8” width and 4” water height

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