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Rock Pump Cover

Universal Rock Pump Cover

Universal Rock Pump CoverUniversal Rock Pump Cover
Item #:   PPC-001-B
Item #:   PPC-001-G

Pool pumps can be bulky, unsightly and cause clutter to your deck or pool area. Whether you're looking to promote a safer pool environment or one that more closely resembles a rocky, tropical setting, Universal Rocks makes it easy to conceal your pool pump in style.

Our large rock pump cover, #PPC-001, measures 68" wide by 46" tall, with a depth of 46". It weighs approximately 66 lbs and is available in your choice of either realistic grey or brown textured finish. Give your pool a more natural look while keeping vital pump structures safely concealed. Contact us for custom sizes.


  • Length: 68 in
  • Width: 43 in
  • Height: 46 in
  • Weight: 66 lbs

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