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Atlantic Clean Rain Pump Vault

Atlantic Clean Rain Pump Vault
Atlantic Clean Rain Pump VaultAtlantic Clean Rain Pump Vault

Atlantic’s innovative rain harvesting components give you the ability to choose the best way to collect clean rainwater for future use. Using a combination of our Clean Rain Ultra, Rain Harvesting Pump Vault and Eco-Blox, our versatile products allow you to collect rainwater in a traditional cistern, below permeable pavers or in pond-free applications to give you the best system to fit your needs.

  • Description: Pump Vault
  • Dimensions: 20”L x 11”W x 48”H
  • Inlet: (2) 3” FIPT openings
  • Opening: 9½”
  • Outlet: 1” spinweld

Max Pump Flow:

  • Inside the Liner: 7,500 gph
  • External @ 10’ 6,500 gph
  • External @ 20’ 5,000 gph
  • External @ 30’ 2,000 gph
Item #
Atlantic Clean Rain Pump Vault
$ 324.99