Predator Control - Blue Heron Decoy

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Predator Control - Blue Heron Decoy

Updated: May 10, 2011

Underwater Warehouse is pleased to introduce our very own line of blue heron and egret decoys. Every good pond owner knows that proper predator control is important to protect their investment of prized koi. Blue Herons are known to be very territorial and feed on small fish in shallow marine habitats. This blue heron decoy keeps the other real blue herons from swooping down to investigate your pond.
Predator Control - Blue Heron Decoy

Do not settle for the cheap plastic knock offs from other online stores. This blue heron decoy is made of resin not cheap hollow plastic and looks and feels like a quality ornament. Other decoy’s paint is known to fade while our decoy has natural coloring and durable construction where each are hand painted and has a weatherproof clear coating. Our blue heron has taxidermy eyes for realistic look while competitor’s eyes are painted on. Our birds have 2 legs while other decoys have 1 leg and are made in the USA!

Please check the blue heron decoy and egret pictures under the Pond Ornaments – Statuary Ornaments section. Protect your pond today!

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