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Pondless Kits and Parts Our Pondless Waterfall kits contain all the necessary components to create beautiful pondless water feature. Pondless Kits save you money!

Pond-less waterfalls create a water feature that brings you the enjoyment of a bubbling stream or splashing waterfall, without a large body of standing surface water. Instead, at the end of a pond-less waterfall the water disappears through a bed of gravel. Underneath the gravel is a small basin of water and the pump, returning the water to the top of the system. Because the bulk of the system's water is shielded from the sunlight in the basin, pond-less waterfalls very low maintenance.

Add underwater lights to your kit to enjoy your pond-less during the evening or more liner to stretch your stream across your whole yard. Use extra liner and additional basin matrices to increase you basin water storage and, coupled with a auto fill kit, you can leave your pond-less unattended for extended periods without worrying about it drying up.

Complete kits contain every necessary component to build a naturalized pond-less stream or waterfall:

  • Liner and protective underlayment
  • High-efficiency pump
  • Flexible PVC plumbing and fittings
  • Check valve kit
  • Easily hidden waterfall/ spillway box
  • Water Matrix
  • Pump Vault
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Silicone sealant
  • Waterfall foam
  • PVC Cement