Pond Kits

Pond Kits

Our pond kits eliminate the time and guesswork of assembling a pond package. The kits include everything you need to build a beautiful water garden including liner, underlayment, skimmer, filterfalls, flexible PVC pipe, pump, lights, all necessary fittings and instructions.

All components of these kits are top quality,from the heavy duty 45 mil EPDM liner to the long lasting pumps. Once installed these ponds will provide years of enjoyment to the homeowner.

Creating your own pond, waterfall and stream is one of the most rewarding home improvements you will ever complete. If you can use a shovel and follow simple directions, you'll soon be able to enjoy countless hours of relaxation with your own water garden.

We stock the following Pond Kits:

Aquascape Pond Kits - Atlantic Pond Kits - Complete Aquatic Pond Kits - EasyPro Eco-Series Pond Kits - EasyPro Pro-Series Pond Kits - OASE Filtoclear Pond Kits - PondBuilder Pond Kits - Savio Pond Kits

Some of our pond kits dont include lights. We recommend installing pond lights during the installation to hide the wires. Click here to view our pond lights.

If you are unsure of which kit you should purchase, please feel free to call us or email us for professional assistance.

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