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IonMate Electronic Algae Control System

IonMate Electronic Algae Control SystemIonMate Electronic Algae Control SystemIonMate Electronic Algae Control System

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The IonMate utilizes mineral ionization technology to safely control algae growth in ponds, pond-less waterfalls and other water features, replacing gallons of chemical algae control. Use the IonMateTM along with beneficial bacteria treatments to keep a water feature healthy and crystal clear year-round. The IonMateTM is safe for fish, plants, pets and is compatible with beneficial bacteria.

System Includes:

  • State-of-the-art electronic unit with precision output control.
  • UL approved outdoor 12 volt power supply.
  • Copper probe assembly with tool-free design and 30’ power cord.
  • 2” PVC Ionization Chamber.
  • Copper level test kit.
  • Installation & owners manual.
  • Full-color packaging

As compared to other ionization systems for ponds, the IonMateTM uses a superior, proprietary copper alloy in its probes that contains no bactericidal silver or filler zinc, has an extra long (30′) probe cord for greater flexibility in installation and is available in a drop-in model that can be installed in skimmers or pump vaults or an in-line model that can be installed directly with a feature’s plumbing. Plus the IonMateTM is EPA approved for controlling algae in water features. (read more features below)

How Does The IonMate System Work?
The IonMateTM controller sends a safe and controlled low-voltage electric charge into copper probes submerged in water. This small charge jumps the gap between the probes and causes positively charged copper atoms (ions) to release from the probe and enter the water. This action slowly breaks down the copper probes as copper is released into the water. Trace levels of copper ions in the water then safely prohibit algae growth, keeping the water clear and free of algae.


  • Proprietary alloy probes. (no bactericidal silver or zinc)
  • Simple to install in any new or existing feature.
  • Tool-free probe inspection and replacement
  • All-weather construction.
  • Compatible with beneficial microbes.
  • 30’ long probe cord.
  • One system can treat up to 25,000 gallons.
  • Safe for fish, pets and aquatic plants.
  • EPA approved est. # 60163-FL-001.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

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