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Herco Pond Coating

Herco Pond Coating

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Herco Rubber by the Hecht Rubber Corporation

  • Long lasting, neoprene rubber coating
  • Apply with brush, roller, or sprayer
  • Create safe environment for plants/fish
  • For block, brick, and concrete
  • One Gallon covers approx. 80-100 Sq. Ft
  • Apply with brush, roller, or sprayer

Offered in white, gray, black and translucent white. Can be applied using brush, roller or sprayed with an airless gun in two or more coats (one hour apart). After a 72-hour cure period, fill with water and stock with fish.

Herco thinner is used for clean up and/or product thinning, use thinner only with white, gray, and black coating DO NOT USE THINNER WITH TRANSLUCENT WHITE COATING.

Primer is suggested, but not necessary.

Herco caulk crack filler is another excellent concrete product that comes in a 12 oz tube.

Made in USA. Ships Hazmat.

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